Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Your products, 'Black Gold' and 'Amin's' colour the hair naturally. I always recommend your products to my customers. My customers are extremely happy with the quality of your products. Thanks!

Managing Director - a major pharmaceutical company - Palestine

After a long exhaustive search to find a company, which can supply quality henna hair dyes, we zeroed on Abhinav Export Corporation. They have exceeded our expectations and have always delivered quality products on time, everytime.

Associate Vice President - a leading FMCG trading corporation - Dubai

First of all, thank you very much for shipping my order on time. Your customer service is excellent! I am very pleased with the responses from my customers who regularly use your products.

Chairman - a leading cosmetics company - Sri Lanka

Our business has immensely benefitted from your henna hair dyes. We have received a tremendous response from our clients, after using your products. Thanks a lot!

Director - a cosmetics company - Philippines

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