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Since 1992

Passionate about Hair Care

Abhinav Export Corporation is a manufacturer and exporter of henna-based premium powder hair dyes. Since 1992, we have been offering natural hair colouring products to our valued customers in India and around the world. With a strong array of products with natural ingredients and a variety of dashing shades of colour, we have carved a niche of our own in the market filled with chemical-intensive products. Obsessed with quality and hair care, we have constantly developed and evolved products in dedicated research, manufacturing and testing facilities. Our products have earned accolades and a strong customer base across continents.

Abhinav Export Corporation is a manufacturer and exporter of henna-based premium powder hair dyes across the globe. In India, the sales and distribution of our products are undertaken by Seegreen Cosmetics.


That delivers Excellence

Our products are manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that has adapted a scientific approach throughout the production process. The carefully selected ingredients used for production are of the highest quality. The manufacturing facility has the latest machinery and a humidity controlled environment for consistently achieving desired quality. Every batch of products is quality tested in our laboratory by qualified chemists. Once quality and consistency are confirmed, the products are stored, distributed and exported. Our employees are highly skilled and go through regular training programmes to update their skills.

• State-of-the-art manufacturing facility
• Scientific production and quality control

• In-house research and development
• Ingredients of the highest quality


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