Amin's Chestnut Henna

The balancing act

Chestnut strikes the right balance between being conventional and far-reaching styling. Chestnut coulour stands for stability, warmth, and honesty. It can be related to the nature and is typically associated with the autumn season.

The chestnut shade varies in different colour palettes. Choosing the right shade is significant, because the personality it reflects vary with the shade. So, extra care and effort was taken to create the perfect formulation for Amin’s Chestnut Henna. It packs a carefully chosen shade of chestnut colour that reflects the qualities and personality of a stable, warm and honest self. Amin’s Chestnut Henna imparts a lustrous texture and a classy and unique shade of chestnut colour to the hair.

Packing Details

1. Each box contains 6 pouches.
2. Each pouch contains 10 g net. wt. henna based powder hair dye.