Amin's Burgundy Henna

Rich and radical

Burgundy is the colour of youth. Youngsters like to be different and radical in their approach, to differentiate themselves from the rest and make an extreme style statement. Burgundy colour signifies intensity, energy and vibrancy. The colour perfectly defines the attitude of the youth of today.

Since Burgundy is a radical colour, Amin’s Burgundy Henna is carefully formulated to be extremely bold and dashing. It is a blend of style and substance – the vibrant shade of Burgundy gives one an extreme makeover and Henna maintains the natural quotient of the equation. Amin’s Burgundy Henna enables the youth of today to try something new and different, to reflect their intense and keen nature. It renders the hair soft and dashing and defines a new style statement.

Packing Details

1. Each box contains 6 pouches.
2. Each pouch contains 10 g net. wt. henna based powder hair dye.