Amin's Black Henna

Conventional, yet natural

Black is beautiful, and it is the preferred choice of those who want subtle and a natural look. It not only masks the age of a person, by covering up the gray hair completely, but also brings back the most natural shade of colour to the hair. As a result, it makes one look and feel younger.

Since it acts a simple alternative to the conventional black colour, it is not only suitable for youngsters who want to try new things, but also for the middle aged and older men and women, who want to break free from the conventional styling. Amin’s Brown Henna also does a remarkable job of covering up the grey hair. The unique shade of brown gives a simple yet different makeover and the Henna fixes the colour, while gently conditioning the hair to softness.

Packing Details

1. Each box contains 6 pouches.
2. Each pouch contains 10 g net. wt. henna based powder hair dye.