Black Gold Henna

Made for India

Black is the preferred choice of colour for the people in India, as it is their natural hair colour. It not only masks the age of a person, by covering up the gray hair completely, but also brings back the most natural shade of colour to the hair.

Black Gold is specially prepared for the Indian taste and conditions. It has the most precise shade of black that matches the hair colour of the Indians. It offers consistent results and spreads evenly. It is an export-quality premium hair dye, free from harmful chemicals like ammonia. The natural ingredients condition the hair gently and allow the colour to spread uniformly. With high quality ingredients that are gentle on the hair, Black Gold henna is a highly sought-after product in the Indian Market.

Packing Details

1. Each box contains 5 pouches.
2. Each pouch contains 10 g net. wt. henna based powder hair dye.