Products par excellence

Excellence is an outcome of relentless determination towards achieving a goal. Our goal is to read the pulse of customers, understand their needs and find the best possible solution that addresses their needs. With more and more customers demanding a natural product and more colours, we indulged in intensive research to offer them the perfect natural product, with Henna as the base, and available in a wide range of colours. The result is an amazing range of products that add rich colours to your life.

We offer a wide range of premium quality henna hair dyes. They are made in a scientific way, using the finest henna. They offer excellent conditioning and add a velvety touch to the hair. Our unique formulations with the goodness of henna make your hair soft and shiny. We offer two different product ranges - Amin’s and Black Gold.

Our products offer some distinctive advantages, as mentioned below

  • • No Ammonia
  • • Covers and conditions grey hair naturally in 20 minutes.
  • • Unique formulation imparts the goodness of pure, rich and naturally cultivated henna.

Colours that define one's personality

Amin's Black Henna

Conventional, yet natural

Black is beautiful, and it is the preferred choice of those who want subtle and a natural look. It not only masks the age of a person, by covering up the gray hair completely, but also brings back the most natural shade of colour to the hair. As a result, it makes one look and feel younger.

But most conventional dyes do not offer consistent results. We have carefully formulated Amin’s Black Henna to banish the problem. It has been in use since1998 and has given extremely consistent results. Amin’s Black Henna hair dye leverages the goodness of Henna, with a rich black colour that spreads uniformly. It gives a stunning natural look to the hair and conditions it to smoothness, while being gentle on your hair and scalp.

Amin's Brown Henna

A strong alternative

Brown signifies stability, support, strength, friendliness and resolve. It gives one an alternative look at styling; yet it does not give a sweeping makeover. It gives an understated look and is ideal for those who prefer to be strong and simple.


Since it acts a simple alternative to the conventional black colour, it is not only suitable for youngsters who want to try new things, but also for the middle aged and older men and women, who want to break free from the conventional styling. Amin’s Brown Henna also does a remarkable job of covering up the grey hair. The unique shade of brown gives a simple yet different makeover and the Henna fixes the colour, while gently conditioning the hair to softness.  Close

Amin's Chestnut Henna

The balancing act

Chestnut strikes the right balance between being conventional and far-reaching styling. Chestnut coulour stands for stability, warmth, and honesty. It can be related to the nature and is typically associated with the autumn season.


The chestnut shade varies in different colour palettes. Choosing the right shade is significant, because the personality it reflects vary with the shade. So, extra care and effort was taken to create the perfect formulation for Amin’s Chestnut Henna. It packs a carefully chosen shade of chestnut colour that reflects the qualities and personality of a stable, warm and honest self. Amin’s Chestnut Henna imparts a lustrous texture and a classy and unique shade of chestnut colour to the hair.  Close

Amin's Burgundy Henna

Rich and radical

Burgundy is the colour of youth. Youngsters like to be different and radical in their approach, to differentiate themselves from the rest and make an extreme style statement. Burgundy colour signifies intensity, energy and vibrancy. The colour perfectly defines the attitude of the youth of today.


Since Burgundy is a radical colour, Amin’s Burgundy Henna is carefully formulated to be extremely bold and dashing. It is a blend of style and substance – the vibrant shade of Burgundy gives one an extreme makeover and Henna maintains the natural quotient of the equation. Amin’s Burgundy Henna enables the youth of today to try something new and different, to reflect their intense and keen nature. It renders the hair soft and dashing and defines a new style statement.  Close

Black Gold Henna

Made for India

Black is the preferred choice of colour for the people in India, as it is their natural hair colour. It not only masks the age of a person, by covering up the gray hair completely, but also brings back the most natural shade of colour to the hair.


Black Gold is specially prepared for the Indian taste and conditions. It has the most precise shade of black that matches the hair colour of the Indians. It offers consistent results and spreads evenly. It is an export-quality premium hair dye, free from harmful chemicals like ammonia. The natural ingredients condition the hair gently and allow the colour to spread uniformly. With high quality ingredients that are gentle on the hair, Black Gold henna is a highly sought-after product in the Indian Market.  Close

Packing Details:


  • 1. Each box contains 6 pouches.
  • 2. Each pouch contains 10 g net. wt. henna based powder hair dye.

Black Gold

  • 1. Each box contains 5 pouches.
  • 2. Each pouch contains 10 g net. wt. henna based powder hair dye.

Amin’s Natural Henna

The Goodness of Nature

Henna is much more than a hair colouring agent; it is primarily a natural hair conditioning and nourishing product. Customers of all age groups prefer a lustrous and shiny hair, and those who are conscious about health always look for an excellent natural product. Amin’s Natural Henna is specifically made to meet the needs of those customers.


Amin’s Natural Henna encapsulates the goodness of nature in its purest form, with a careful selection of the best ingredients. It plays a significant role in hair care, with a rich composition of nutrients that make hair shiny, smooth and strong. It also promotes hair growth. With Amin’s Henna, you can now take care of your hair in a natural way and keep your scalp healthy.  Close

Amin’s Golden Henna

The Gold Standard

Amin's Golden Henna caters to the customers who want the very best. It is the gold standard for professional hair care in a natural way. Amin’s Natural Henna is a special composition of natural Henna and special ingredients that condition the hair extremely well.


The result is silky smooth and rich and shiny hair. When you want the very best quality, ask for the Golden Henna.  Close